Stovetop kettles WMF Hotel

Since as long ago as 1853 Württembergische Metallwarenfabrik AG has been involved in the manufacture of products covering all aspects of hospitality. This long experience is without doubt a factor in our specialised expertise and is the basis for the excellent reputation that WMF enjoys in the hotel and catering industry through - out the world. Our objective for the future is to maintain and enhance our good name. WMF Professional can provide customer-orientated all-in-one solutions from a single source to satisfy the particular requirements of your business. This combined catalogue shows you the range of our varied WMF Professional product line. Products created by inter nationally renowned designers and produced by the very latest in environmentally-friendly manufacturing methods of the highest possible quality.

Pots, collection COMPO, WMF Professional

Pots, collection COMPO, WMF ProfessionalWMF COMPOWhether breakfast, afternoon coffee or room service – the new double-walled pots in the COMPO collection, create the perfect accompaniment for delicious coffee and tea pleasure. With a skilful change of shape from the quadratic base shape to the round..


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