Immersion Blenders

5 Speed immersion blender KitchenAid 5KHB2571

• 3 interchangeable stainless steel dome blades Different types of blades are installed extremely simply and allow you to solve any culinary problems, from splitting ice to grinding meat and whipping milk • Powerful 5-speed engine Silent efficient operation for a long time • Metal case with soft comfortable grip Convenient and reliable handle • 2 removable stainless steel nozzles with a swivel lock (20 and 33 cm) Allow to mix and chop products with ease even in deep pans, bowls and jugs • A 1 L mixing bowl with graduations and an anti-splash cap (BPA free) Replaces numerous measuring cups and glasses. Now you can cook, serve and store food in the same container • Patented protective nozzle for dishes It is easily put on dome-shaped edges and prevents damage of ware when using the blender (scratches, chips, etc.) • Nozzles for grinding and whipping Bring your culinary skills to perfection. • Convenient storage container Convenient and reliable


Immersion blender KitchenAid CLASSIC 5KHB1231

• Mixing, grinding, turning into puree Fruit smoothies, sauces, baby food, soups and more Quick and easy preparation of ingredients for a variety of dishes. • Powerful 2-speed engine Silent efficient operation for a long time • Removable, rotatable, immersible, stainless steel 20.3 cm long submerged part with a bell mouth Provides easy control when mixing any ingredients • Measuring cup for mixing with a volume of 700 ml with a lid (without BPA) Replaces numerous measuring glasses and mixing bowls Easily mix ingredients and serve and store food in the same container.


Professional immersion blender KitchenAid 5KHBC212

PROFESSIONAL SUBMERSIBLE BLENDER 5KHBC212 KitchenAid Professional Submersible Blender is a versatile tool that makes previously complex and time-consuming recipes in your culinary range. Behind its beautiful ergonomic design lies the impressive power of a reliable and low-noise 2-speed DC motor with a maximum speed of 18,000 rpm. Its durable stainless steel mixing tip has an impressive length (30.5 cm) and can use the S-shaped multi-function blade for various uses, including even for grinding ice. Having a fixed socket to prevent splashing, the long handle is screwed together for manual or machine washing. Thanks to its attractive stainless steel wall mount, the blender is easy to store and instantly operational. 2 interchangeable stainless steel dome blades 2 removable stainless steel nozzles with a swivel lock (20 and 33 cm) 1 L measuring cup with splash-proof lid (BPA free)


Wireless immersion blender with accessories KitchenAid ARTISAN 5KHB3581

• Battery-powered submersible blender with rechargeable lithium-ion battery 12 V Lack of power cable provides ease of use. • 3 replaceable stainless steel blades with removable safety device for working nozzles Allow to chop, mix, crush and whip ingredients without damaging the dishes. • 2 easily installed extensions from stainless steel (20 and 33 cm) For use in deep pots or bowls. • Grinder, whisk and glass, not containing BPA, 1 liter Additional accessories will help improve your culinary skills and abilities. • Powerful DC motor with 5 speeds and LED indicator Silent, efficient and high-quality work; LED indicator shows the speed of operation. • Ergonomic design Easy to handle and convenient to store. • Convenient storage case for nozzles For safe and convenient storage of additional accessories.


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