Culinary processors

Combi Cutter CC-32S, Hallde

Combination machine with half-moon feed cylinder and stainless steel bowl, made to process 2 kg/minute or 10-80 portions/day. Machine has two speeds which switch depending on what preparation top is mounted. Machine is controlled with a turning knob instead of buttons. Vegetable preparation top is of 0.9 litre with a tube feeder of 53 mm in diameter. Bowl is 3 litre and have a scraper system with three scrapers. Knives for bowl cutter are serrated. The machine base and the knife chamber are made of ABS-plastic. Machine is controlled with a turning knob instead of buttons. Cutting tools are made of stainless steel, 185 mm in diameter and washable in dishwasher. Motor rotate the cutting blade clockwise via a self-tensioned toothed belt. Machine has handles for easy mobility.


Combi Cutter CC-34, Hallde

Combined machine with a semicircular hopper and stainless bowl. steel, with a capacity of 120 kg / h or up to 80 servings / day. Four-speed machine with automatic detection of the speed range depending on the nozzle plus the pulsation mode. A vegetable cutter with a volume of 0.9 l has also a feed pipe with a diameter of 53 mm, a pestle and a disc ejector. The nozzle cutter has a 3 liter bowl, a scraper system (three scrapers), a transparent lid and a knife with two toothed blades. The body of the machine is made of ABS plastic, and the cutting chamber is aluminum. Cutting discs for vegetable cutting attachments with a diameter of 185 mm made of stainless. steel, they can be washed in the dishwasher, like all removable parts of the machine. The motor rotates the cutting discs clockwise by means of a toothed belt with tensioner. The machine is equipped with a rotary switch and has convenient handles for carrying


Culinary Processor KitchenAid ARTISAN 5KCF0104

• Universal device with a wide range of standard accessories and cooking temperatures (from 40 ° C to 140 ° C) It can do the work of many devices by pressing a button: chop, chop, chop, mix, mix, whisk, emulsify, knead, steam, cook, stew and fry • 6 automatic cooking modes: boiling, frying, stewing, steaming, mashing and kneading dough. Easy programming for easy cooking and saving valuable time • Free recipe book, smartphone app and microsite Step by step instructions for making everyday meals; An application for smartphones and microsites with regularly updated recipes, developed by local representatives and chefs • The thick aluminum panel heats up to a high temperature (140 ° C) with great precision. As a result, the heating is evenly distributed and a higher temperature is reached. Accurate temperature sensor and fast heat when cold products are added. • Unique, 4.5 L stainless steel saucepan with ergonomic handles, hinged lid and feed inlet. It makes it easy to cook delicious food for a small or large family (up to 6 people). The hinged lid and loading opening are convenient for adding ingredients and herbs while cooking. • Specially designed accessory StirAssist Gently turn and stir the ingredients for even preparation and results indistinguishable from manual mixing. • First-class design: die-cast metal body, metal handle and levers, high-quality coating of various colors. Durable, reliable and durable; easy to clean


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