Salt shakers

Combination manual pepper mill and salt cellar, acrylic, 15 cm, 860501, Pontarlier, Peugeot

Combine the pepper mill and salt cellar functions in a single mill! The Peugeot "Pontarlier” combination mill is ideal for all keen gourmets, and for those who have little space or who simply do not want two mills. This dual-function manual mill allows you to grind pepper and use the salt cellar on top! Practical and smart, it allows you to use salt and pepper almost simultaneously. As with all Peugeot mills, the exclusive grinding mechanism comes with a lifetime guarantee. In transparent acrylic, this manual mill is both functional and beautiful, on the table as well as in the kitchen. Peugeot proves again that a utensil can perfectly combine performance, practicality and beauty to offer comfort and enjoyment in use!


Salt cellar, acrylic, 9 cm, 34580, Nancy, Peugeot

A sprinkle of salt here, a pinch of salt there. The Nancy salt cellar is an essential in the kitchen or on your table for adjusting and enhancing flavours according to your taste. Completely transparent, it can go anywhere, discreet and essential.


Salt shaker aluminum Bartscher, H190

Code-No.A680655 Also suitable for flour, sugar and spices.


Salt shaker aluminum,Bartchser H110

Code-No.A680654 Also suitable for flour, sugar and spices.


Salt shaker in wood, natural 9 cm , Bistro, 820-1/s , Peugeot

The salt cellar of French bistros The Peugeot Bistro natural wood salt cellar is ultra-practical and compact. Pour fine salt into the salt cellar reservoir, close it and sprinkle salt onto your favourite meals. The shape of the Bistro mill is inspired by the first Peugeot mill, created in 1874, the Z model. This salt cellar in beech wood will be a marvellous match for the natural or chocolate finished Bistro pepper mill.


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