MKN specializes in the manufacture of combi ovens and thermal equipment for cooking: electric (including induction) and gas stoves, deep fryers, frying surfaces, pasta cookers, etc. The highest quality and reliability, thought-out and verified ergonomics and design of MKN products are highly appreciated by the company's customers, including top-class hotels and restaurants, large dining rooms, sea vessels, cruise liners and ferries, MKN equipment is also used to prepare meals on board aircraft, etc. . All MKN products are certified according to ISO 9001 quality standard; all equipment is tested for compliance with European quality and safety standards. MKN products have been repeatedly awarded international awards.

Induction plate MKN 2023105

Induction cooker 2023105 from MKN is a kind of professional equipment for cooking, roasting and other types of food heat treatment. Plates of the type, gaining increasing popularity recently, have a number of undeniable advantages compared to other types of plates. First of all, they are beneficiall..


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