LAVEZZINI company began its activity in 1983 in the world of vacuum packaging and has successfully established itself in this market thanks to the production of a new line of vacuum packaging machines with external aspiration, representing a completely new idea of ​​vacuum packaging. We have been manufacturing vacuum packaging machines since 1983, and our daily task is to supply our customers with technologically advanced products. Regardless of whether this applies to external suction machines, vacuum packers with a chamber or trays: we commit ourselves to make our equipment the fundamental tool for any professional kitchen. Experience, innovation and technology are the milestones of the Lavezzini Group, one of the world's leading manufacturers of vacuum packaging machines.

Tabletop vac. packer, OPTIMA,  Lavezzini

These models are meant to be the entry into the field of professional vacuum packaging with chamber machines. Suitable for several sectors of employment, these models are easily recognizable for their top quality structure, their extremely high work capacity and, above all, for their amazing and ext..


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