Culinary processors Hallde

HALLDE, has 75 years of experience and many important patents, and is one of the world's leading companies in the design and manufacture of machines for the food industry. HALLDE produces four types of equipment for professional use: vegetable cutters, vertical cutters / blenders / mixers, combined kitchen processors and blenders.

Combi Cutter CC-32S, Hallde

Combination machine with half-moon feed cylinder and stainless steel bowl, made to process 2 kg/minute or 10-80 portions/day. Machine has two speeds which switch depending on what preparation top is mounted. Machine is controlled with a turning knob instead of buttons. Vegetable preparation top is o..


Combi Cutter CC-34, Hallde

Combined machine with a semicircular hopper and stainless bowl. steel, with a capacity of 120 kg / h or up to 80 servings / day. Four-speed machine with automatic detection of the speed range depending on the nozzle plus the pulsation mode. A vegetable cutter with a volume of 0.9 l has also a feed p..


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