Vegetable cutters Fama

FAMA INDUSTRIE Fama Industrie is a family-owned company that for 65 years has always been open to innovation and market needs - factors that have led it to become a leading company in the catering equipment sector. QUALITY AND RELIABILITY Our strength lies in providing customers with various types of machines, diverse depending on the use of various sizes and capacities. These functions allow you to choose from a wide range of products, all of which are made in accordance with the same criteria of quality and reliability, but are fully universal and adaptable to any situation and any activity. We have always been involved in the design, construction, import and distribution of reliable and durable products so that all customers in all corners of the world have simple and long-term use. CUSTOMER CENTER We have always focused on customer satisfaction. Currently, many sellers are ready to help retailers and distributors through knowledge of the most common languages ​​and in-depth knowledge of products, their support and assistance in the preparation of technical documentation and books on use.

Vegetable Cutter Cuocojet 2V, GAM

The GAM Cuocojet vegetable cutter is intended for cutting and shredding vegetables and fruits at catering establishments. The device also offers the possibility of using it as a grater. Discs are not included.Made of stainless steel and a special alloy, it is equipped with protective devices in a..


Vegetable Cutter, Fama Dinamica TV25K

This Vegetable cutting machine TAGLIAVERDURE made by Fama can be used for cutting a variety of raw and boiled vegetables, and also for shredding cabbage. The use of such easy-to-use equipment will save time on cooking various dishes. Convenient and easy to use vegetable cutter, has every reason to b..


Vegetable Cutter, Fama Élite

The Italian company Fama, which is best known for the CIS market for its industrial meat grinders, hand-held mixer and slicers, has developed a new vegetable-cutting machine Fama Elite, which has an easily collapsible body for thorough cleaning of all items in contact with the products during cuttin..


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