The experience gained in the field of after-sales services made it possible to design and create a wide range of heating equipment, neutral equipment and commercial equipment for catering enterprises. The incomplete list of commercial and technological equipment presented below is the main part of the thermal, neutral and commercial equipment for public catering, which the factory manufactures and supplies to all regions of Russia, the CIS, as well as European and African countries. All products of Abat plants are developed by leading Russian designers in accordance with European standards, taking into account the concepts of modern design and technical innovations. Constantly monitored and analyzed the requests and wishes of both end users and dealers, suppliers of the market for trade and technological equipment, and food service figures. But it is the conduct of our own developments, and not the blind copying of design errors of Western analogues that contributes to the continuous improvement of technologies, finding new, original solutions, modernization of products and technologies, and, as a result, contribute to the development of the industry as a whole. For this, millions of dollars are invested annually in machine tools, workshops and materials for the production of equipment for catering, and the best minds of Russia are attracted.

Electric frying pan  Abat ESK-80-0.27-40

Frying pan electric Abat ESK-80-0,27-40 is used for large public catering enterprises both for frying products in the main way, and for adding fish, vegetable, meat dishes, passaging vegetables and stewing. The area of ​​the bowl of electric ESC-80-0,27-40 is 0.27 sq. M. m., and its volume is 40 li..


Electric frying pan Abat ESK-90-0,47-70

Tigaia electrica Abat ESC 90-0,47-70 (cu o ceașcă fără sudură) (poziția 210 000 005 862) este utilizata în întreprinderi mari de catering pentru prăjit alimente mod major, și să pripuskaniya pește, legume, preparate din carne, legume și pasaj de stingere. Zona castronului electric Abat ESC-90-0.47-..


Electric oven ABAT EP-4P

Electric cooker EP-4P is a professional kitchen equipment designed for cooking first, second and third dishes. Flat rectangular cast iron burners, close to each other, together with two side table tops, ensure convenient movement of the dishes over the whole surface of the plate. Heating elements ar..


Gas plate ABAT ПГК-49ЖШ four-burner with frying cupboard (series 900)

Gas stove PGK-49ZHSH is a professional kitchen equipment intended for preparation of the first, second and third dishes. The plate has three burners of 5.5 kW and one powerful burner - 7.5 kW. The size of burners 345h345 mm. The plate is equipped with a "gas-control" device.Technical characteristics..


Gas stove Abat PGK-49P

The Abat PGA-49P gas cooker is designed for cooking various dishes in the crockery at public catering and trade establishments. The model is equipped with gas control and height-adjustable feet. The case is made of high-quality stainless steel, the grates are made of cast iron. The delivery in..


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